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Environmental Science K-5

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Our Lab

Jennifer Woschinko

Environmental Science Teacher

January 30th – February 3rd

Science Week

Hello there Science! Are we ready for you. We will be kicking off our new science unit this week, Earth and Sun. Let’s get ready for some really great investigations together!

Monday 1/30

Today we will begin with a STEM solo mission activity on building structures with Hashtag blocks. Get ready to really challenge yourself!

Tuesday 1/31

Today will be our first day of our new Unit. We will work in our new science journals and explore what are shadows and how are they formed?

Wednesday 2/1

Today we will practice sun tracking, discovering the position of the sun and the effect on the length and direction of shadows.

Thursday 2/2

Today we will wrap up our sun tracking investigation and explore our topic further with some science reading.

Friday 2/3

Today we will begin our third investigation, exploring what causes day and night. We will use a globe as a class first, to understand how the sun rotates and what cause different parts of the world to experience different parts of the day.

Weekly Lessons


Check out our weekly science lessons and topics below. Catch up on something
you missed or review material before your tests.

Social Studies

Check out our weekly social studies lessons and topics below. Catch up on something
you missed or review material before your tests.


ELA / Math

iTime stands for individual time. This is an opportunity for you to catch up on any work missing in ELA or Math. Want to work on homework you did not get to complete? Unsure of an assignment or need help getting started with a writing idea? Use this time to reach out to Ms. Woschinko for help with whatever you need. If you are all caught up, challenge yourself on Moby Max grammar, language arts or math!

Moby Max






Characteristics of something that can be counted or measured

Synonym – numerical
Antonym – descriptive


Characteristics of something that describe the features

Synonym – descriptive
Antonym – numerical


A quantity that can change or vary

Synonym – changing
Antonym – steady


A test or procedure to support or disprove a hypothesis

Synonym – test
Antonym – thought


Information gathered by observation, questioning or measurement

Synonym – facts, truth
Antonym – theory


A quantity that does not change or vary

Synonym – steady
Antonym – changing


An educated guess about what will happen in an experiment

Synonym – theory
Antonym – facts, truth

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About Me

Explore. Share. Learn.

Hello there. I’m Jennifer Woschinko and am beginning my 12th year at Charles H. Bullock School and my 17th year teaching. I have taught all grades Kindergarten-5th, special education and general education classes, and am excited to start my first year as a 5th grade Science and Social Studies teacher. I believe in empowering students to see all that they have to offer, through hands on science activities, an in depth study of social studies concepts through the lens of all people, and a focus on leadership and advocacy. I believe that students learn the most when they feel safe and accepted, and our classroom is always a place for exploring and sharing new ideas and learning from one another. I am excited to work closely with all the 5th grade students and the Bullock school community to make this an unforgettable year!


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STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is a type of learning that focuses on hands on explorations and innovation. Students in our classroom are encouraged to use problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in order to solve real world problems. Check out the video or link below for more information.

Social Justice in the Classroom

Students who develop empathy and acceptance are better equipped to tackle real world problems, by understanding multiple viewpoints. Social justice education in our classroom and in our school help foster and develop deeper relationships among staff, students and the school community. Students are encouraged to see themself as change makers and find ways to positively impact their community.