What was life like aboard a ship during the age of exploration? What were the different roles on the ship? What were the risks of exploration? What were the benefits?

What was life like?

Life on a ship during the age of exploration was challenging. There were a lot of people living in a small often dirty space, with very little food. There was a strict hierarchy and punishments for breaking the rules.

Who was on the ship?

A ship consisted of a captain, lieutenants, quartermasters, cooks, barbers, coopers, carpenters, gunners, boatswains, pilots, sailors, pages and apprentices.

What risks did they face?

There were many risks when traveling in the open sea so far from home. These included storms and getting lost, getting sick from diseases like scurvy and pirates coming aboard and fighting and stealing.

What Were the benefits?

Although exploring was challenging and at times even deadly, there were many benefits. Explorers sailed for three main reasons, god, glory or gold and

Life of a Sailor

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Life at Sea 16th century

Life at sea in the 16th century was challenging. Sailors often set off in hopes of making new discoveries and returning to their homelands heroes. However, the life at sea was not all smooth sailing. There were many challenges that sailors needed to overcome in order to return home alive. Check out two blog posts below for more reading on exploration and the sailors’ journey.

What do I need to complete?

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We are just beginning our second set of lessons on Exploration. Check out lessons 3 and 4 assigned on Google Classroom.

Lesson 3

Life at Sea: After assigned your role and reading the material, name your sailor, define their role on the ship and answer two questions.

Lesson 3

Summary: Write the name of the class ship and find a google image representing your role on the ship. Add a text box to label.

Lesson 4

Risks of Exploration: After completing the classroom simulation of life a sea, complete the reflections page, identifying risks and benefits of exploration.

Lesson 4

Extend: Imagine that you were the captain and in charge of making all decisions alone. What would you do and why?

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