What were the 5 southern colonies? What was the significance of Roanoke? What was the culture of the Southern Colonies? What was life life in the Southern Colonies?

What were the 5 Southern Colonies?

The five southern colonies were Maryland, Virgina, Georgia and North and South Carolina

What Happened at Roanoke?

Roanoke was a colony in Virginia in which the nearly 115 settlers disappeared. No one is exactly sure what happened.

What Was the Culture of the Southern Colonies?

Life in the southern colonies was based on plantation crops such as tobacco. Due to the presence of plantations, the colonists relied heavily on indentured servants and enslaved people.

What was life like in the Southern Colonies?

Life in the southern colonies was very different than modern day. Men significantly outnumbered women, disease killed many, making money was a focus and plantations played a key role in living styles.

History of the southern Colonies

Southern Colonies

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Map of the Southern Colonies in the Early 1700’s
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Lesson 3

Facts about the four Southern Colonies

Lesson 3

Extension questions about the Southern Colonies

Lesson 4

Life in the Southern Colonies; Education, Religion and Plantations Society

Lesson 4

Life in the Southern Colonies; Indentured Servants, Enslaved People, Southern Women

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