Looking for the school calendar or special days in our class? Not sure what to do if you missed an assignment
or need to get in touch with Ms. Woschinko? Check out the FAQ and information below to help you with
everything you need for this school year!


You can email me at anytime and I will return your email as soon as possible. I have limited access to email during the day, therefore if it is an emergency or important information concerning a change in dismissal plans, please call the main office 973-509-4255 and Mrs. Albert or Mrs. Turlin, our secretaries, will be sure to get me the message.

Although materials will change throughout the year and with each lesson, in order to be prepared you will always need a pencil and your charged laptop. If you have colored pencils or markers that you like to use, you can keep these in your pencil case as well. It is important to know what you need and to check that you have it before class begins, to minimize disruptions during the lesson.

Just check out the bottom of this page for Montclair’s 2022-2023 school calendar. There is a Bullock school calendar as well, to highlight any important days at our school or in our classroom. You can also find a link to the Montclair Public School webpage for any other important school information you might be looking for.

You can check out your grades on google classroom by clicking on the grades tab at the top of the page. Most assignments will be graded using a rubric. All rubrics will be presented before the assignments are due and will be readily accessible on the daily lessons section as well as under resources. Some assignments are not graded, and credit will be given when an assignment is completed. There will also be opportunities for extra credit throughout the year.

One thing I love about creating my own website is that it is constantly changing. Want to see something new on the site? Have some great ideas that can make it better? Simply let me know and I will see what I can do. I am always looking for ways to change it up!

Social Studies and Science Lessons are each taught 2 days a week. On Fridays, students participate in STEM activities, social justice conversations or complete any incomplete work from weekly lessons. All lesson plans and instructions can be found on the class home page as well as under the lessons drop down menu. Materials are often posted in Google Classroom as well.

There is a PDF version of the science textbook uploaded on the resources pages of the website. It is divided into sections, one for each of the three science units. You can also find science information on the FOSS page, which you can access through Clever.

No, there will not be homework every night. Most of the work assigned for each unit in both science and social studies can be completed during the school day. At times, work not completed in class will be sent home for homework. In addition, there will be some long term projects and optional monthly assignments that students can complete. All information pertaining to this can be found under the resources page of this website.

Simply click on the link at the top of the website to find your homeroom google classroom. Be sure you are logged into google before you try to get in. You can also get to google classroom through a google search or the dots on your google homepage.

Because they make up everything! (ok, pretty bad I know) But I hope I got your attention and you enjoyed reading through the website. Happy learning!

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2022-2023 School Calendar