What is a colony? What were the motivations for colonizing? What challenges did colonists face? How did colonization affect Indigenous people? What was life like for Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan people?

What is a Colony?

A group of people who leave a native country to form a settlement in a new land.

What Motivations were there to colonize? What challenges?

Europeans were motivated by wealth, new land, trade routes and religious freedom. Some of the challenges included dangerous and unknown territories, fighting with other groups and distance from the home country.

What were the effects on Indigenous people?

Some effects included a devastating loss of life, disruption of tradition. and a tremendous loss of land.

What was life like in Jamestown?

Life in Jamestown was challenging, from settling far from home, disease, tough terrain, fighting with Natives and lack of supplies and food.



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A Jamestown Fort located in present day Williamsburg, Virgina.

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