What was the age of exploration? What countries were involved? What factors contributed to beginning of exploration? What were the effects of exploration? What were explorers motivations?

What was the AOE?

A period time from 1400-1500 in which European countries searched for sea routes to Asia.

What countries were involved?

Portugal, Spain, France, England and Holland.

Why explore now?

New navigational technology, desire for new trade routes, and a mercantilism culture.

What happened after?

Globalization, colonization, slavery and the Columbian Exchange.


Slideshow for Lessons 1 and 2

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Think about it

MAPS 1507 vs. Now

The 1507 map was created by a German cartographer. This map is famous because it is the first map to name America. His map explains how he and other Europeans at the time thought the world looked. Through years of exploration, maps have become more accurate. Check them out below.

What were european explorers’ motivations?

Explorer Hunt !

What do I need to complete?

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Due Monday, October 3rd. Please complete Lesson 1 Overview and Lesson 2 Meet the Explorers. Don’t forget to turn in when complete. Click below to find your google classroom.

Lesson 1

K-L Chart. Please be sure to have all of the What I Learned side filled in.

Lesson 1

Reflections. Please complete the top two parts, 1 thing you learned and 3 questions you still have.

Lesson 2

European Explorer Hunt. Please complete the 2 pages of the European Explorer Hunt.
(8 explorers total)

Lesson 2

Reflections. Please complete all parts, including what you learned, questions and the compare and contrast chart.

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